The Old Borough Public House, Dublin

Tile Trend - Hexagons

We are currently in the midst of the Hexagonal trend take over - from room to room this exciting and modern look has inched its way in and is now more adaptable and greater than ever.

It was also no surprise to CTD Architectural Tiles when leading interior designer K D Paine and Associates approached us with the intention to source fresh interpretation on the Hexagon shaped tile for The Old Borough in Dublin.

The Old Borough is in a building originally designed by renowned local architect Francis Johnston, who has designed a number of buildings in the Swords area of Dublin.

Paying heed to its surroundings and local history into account it seemed only fitting to create a warm, harmonious space that represented both classic and modern interior trends.

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Trend - Grey Scale & Brick Effect

High-end appearances can be achieved when using a grey scale colour palette which is why CTD Architectural Tiles John Lannin suggested CTD Piastrella for specification.

This timeless and chic tile range was considered the best-suited tile for this project because of both its durable and aesthetic qualities.

The latest interpretation on the exposed brick wall has emerged in the form of brick effect tiles. This is a fantastic way to avoid the unwanted mess and hard work which is normally expected when it comes to exposed wall preparation. From combining Grey Scale and Brick Effect Trends, CTD Architectural tiles supplied CTD Piastrella which were also used within Old Borough’s WC’S.

Both designer and client were delighted with the final outcome of the project.

CTD Architectural Specification Manager John Lannin Sates “CTD Architectural Tiles took great pleasure in working alone side designer K D Paine and associates who had a keen eye for future trends and an innovative yet specific brief.”

The development process on this project was an interesting and enjoyable process which we are happy to have been part of from day one and we look forward to working with all parties again in the near future’.

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