Swimming Pool Mosaics

Mosaic Swimming Pool Tiles For Bespoke Design & Assembly

Mosaic has been recognised as a suitable finish for pool environments for thousands of years. We offer a bespoke mosaic design and assembly service where mosaics are offered sheet mounted suitable for pool tank and wet area installation.

We offer 2 mosaic systems, firstly a modular metric option in both glazed and porcelain unglazed finishes, these are available in 25x25mm and 50x50mm format. The colour choice sits within the RAL colour system and the range directly coordinates with the extensive Pro-Pool competition pool system.

Available for both Private and Competition swimming pools.

We also offer soft edge glass mosaic in an extensive range of vibrant colours with a natural shaded effect which provide an aesthetically pleasing soft blend finish.

  • Modular metric system
  • Bespoke mosaic designs
  • Soft edge glass mosaic


Be inspired by our range of swimming pool mosaics. Click on the image to view more.

Top (left to right): Aqua

Bottom (left to right): Aqua | Perle | Hotel Spa Tiles

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Sean Lane

Senior Sales Manager

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Our swimming pool programme is managed by Sean Lane. Sean is our Senior Sales Manager and Leisure expert. With over 20 years’ experience and knowledge of working on commercial and domestic swimming pool projects across the UK and Europe, he is perfectly suited to help you with all aspects of your project.