Outdoor tiles projects: the key design considerations

Spring has finally sprung and summer is fast approaching, meaning homeowners and business owners alike are interested in transforming their outside spaces – and outdoor tiles are a fantastic way to create a beautiful extended leisure space.

But with so many outdoor floor tiles available, it can be difficult to know where to start. Whether it’s for a residential garden project or commercial facilities, there are a number of practical and aesthetic considerations when it comes to designing the ideal space. We recommend working with our team of experts, who are always happy to provide tailored advice and product guidance; however as a starting point, here are some of the key things to keep in mind when using outdoor tiles to transform a space.

Safety first

As design professionals, an important consideration when choosing floor tiles is user safety. As with indoor floor tiles, selecting non-slip outdoor tiles should be a priority regardless of whether the project is commercial or residential.

This is particularly important for tiles which are in areas expected to get wet – whether that’s because they’re surrounding an outdoor pool, or simply uncovered areas likely to be affected by rain. Taking this into account, we recommend utilising porcelain-based floor tile products for outdoor spaces.

Fortunately, there are a huge variety of suitable outdoor floor tiles on the market which adhere to a PTV36 standard or higher – meaning you don’t have to sacrifice form for function. Our Porcelain Pavers collection is a great place to start when choosing high strength products which also look beautiful.

And don’t forget, our team will be able to provide guidance on slip ratings for products across our range of outside floor tiles to ensure you don’t need to compromise between safety and beauty.

Mixed outdoor Paving Tiles - Porcelain Pavers Collection


As more and more people lean towards using outdoor space as an extension of their inside living space, we’re seeing more customers requesting indoor-outdoor tiles – essentially, matching tiles that can be used both inside and outside. Whereas in the past, limited availability meant having to choose different indoor and outdoor floor tiles, our team have worked hard to curate tile collections that can be used in both instances, to help designers create a seamless flow between inside and outside areas.

New range Matter, created by Zyx, has a wide range of applications: it can be used for floors and walls both indoors and outdoors, and even underwater in pools; it’s also available in both square and hexagonal shapes, as well as a variety of colours. While playing on shaded effects with matt finishes for a striking overall look, the Matter range is porcelain-based, making it an ideal choice for outside floor tiles. Providing both slip-resistance and durability, outdoor porcelain tiles like Matter are the ideal solution for creating a beautiful yet practical space inside-out.

Matter Indoor & Outdoor tiles - Standout Outdoor Tiles for Swimming Pools

Standout spaces

Collections like Matter provide the ideal solution for creating an outdoor space designed to impress users. Whether it’s for a luxury hotel’s pool area or a homeowner wanting to create an impressive entertaining space, outdoor tiles are a great way to make a statement.

There are a number of ways to use tiles to create a wow-factor, from tiles which feature a stunning design like the Jardin collection, which elegantly combines contrasting light and dark patterns, to outdoor mosaic tiles such as the Cementum collection. Suitable for high traffic areas – and therefore ideal for commercial applications – and featuring several designs within the range, Cementum is ideal for creating a striking yet safe outdoor space.

Another great way to create a standout space outside is to use a leisure pool as a key design feature. While a pool may naturally be the focal point of an outdoor space, it can be the perfect way to flex your design muscles by opting not to use the norm of plain blue tiles. When combined with classic, neutral floor tiles, using visually interesting pool tiles can result in a beautiful, unique overall finish. Aqua and Nubia are great examples of pool tile collections that can be used to create an effect guaranteed to turn heads.

What’s more, bar areas are another great way to create an eye-catching outdoor space through the use of tiles – and when correctly designed, they can perfectly complement outdoor pool areas in both commercial and residential settings. Diverse collections such as Scale, Bow and Lume are popular choices for creating vibrant bar areas, inside and out.

Jardin Outdoor tiles - Jardin Outdoor Tiles Porcelain Paving CTDA

Creating calm

The link between wellbeing and nature is now widely recognised, and has become a key trend in design – so why not take this to the next level?

The benefits of being outdoors can be further emphasised through choosing the right outside tiles, whether that’s flooring or outdoor features such as pools or a bar. Neutral shades with a concrete or cement effect, such as those in the Affrescati range, make ideal outdoor floor tiles while calming shades of blue and green featured in collections like Sol and Gleeze create feature walls which perfectly complement a calming outdoor aesthetic.

Alternatively, using wood-effect tiling can evoke the feeling of being in nature. Here at CTD Architectural Tiles, we offer a comprehensive range of wood-effect outdoor floor tiles. A particular favourite among our team is new collection Cortina, which has been inspired by the use of timber in the Alps and Dolomites. Not only can Cortina be installed in the popular parquet effect, but it’s also suitable for use both indoors and outdoors to create a seamless finish.

Cortina Wood Effect Outdoor Porcelain Tile Pavers

Whatever the sector, project and budget, tiles offer a great solution for creating beautiful yet practical outdoor spaces. If you’ve been inspired for your next outdoor design project, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team of experts to find the perfect fit.

To speak to our team about your next project, contact info@ctdarchitecturaltiles.co.uk or call 0800 021 4835.