Interior Tile Trends for Retail Floors

Retail Floors Count

Today’s retail outlets are expected to look more polished than ever before. In a market where ‘curb appeal’ is more important than ever, how can retailers ensure that their tiles are both attractive and safe? Eye-catching, yet efficient? As a retail space designer, shop owner, or even from the consumer’s point of view, we can all appreciate the importance of a good-looking shop front – and know how disappointing it is to walk inside and find that the interior doesn’t match up. First impressions count, so make them great!

Retail Floor Options

Shops will often use wooden floors to create a welcoming and cosy aesthetic, but the reality is that wood doesn’t age particularly well in high-traffic areas – neither do light colours or natural stone. These products require a high level of care and maintenance, which isn’t ideal for high footfall areas.

Wood effect tiles are a good alternative to genuine wood. Wood’s attractive appearance remains popular, and can be enjoyed with easier maintenance and greater durability with these tiles. CTD Architectural Tile’s range of rich colours and textures allows you to create endless patterns from herringbone to classic.

Wood effect porcelain tiles

Our Hard&Soft porcelain stoneware tiles are like wooden boards that depict the passing of time. The surface is alive, as if skilled artisans crafted each ceramic element by hand. The grain of the wood crosses the porcelain stoneware surface faithfully: a perfect imitation, obtained by the very latest digital technology. Perfect for high traffic, high footfall retail areas, these wood effect tiles promise to impress your customers from the moment they walk through the door.

Our 20Twenty range is a collection of wood inspired porcelain that combines traditional large planks with an unusual 20x20 size. It highlights the beauty of the different woods' vein patterns, structures and colour, and is ideal for creating distinctive interiors with striking contemporary design. By combining 20Twenty on the floors and walls, this porcelain wood solution can create interior design schemes with a unique aesthetic.

A popular food retailer outlet recently used our Strand-R Natural, Nenets-R Natural Verde and Seriaki-R Natural Verde from the Strand wood look porcelain tile collection to pave one of its main leisure areas.

Due to the remarkable resistance of porcelain tiles, the Strand models fit perfectly to the needs of this commercial project. Incorporating striking aesthetics, durability and high resistance to temperature changes, these tiles created the perfect finish to a popular shopping area.

Retail Floor Tiles ideal for heavy traffic sections

Another famous food retailer used nearly 50 different tiles available from the CTD Architectural Tiles portfolio to create ‘zoning’ areas. With a truly rich variety of tiles, each stall in the outlet was designed with a different kind of tile: red in the ham station, green in the fruit station, pastel in the ice cream station, blue in the fish station. All these helped to create a colour mosaic of settings and very different spaces. We also have a range of vivid colours, bold patterns and innovative textures in our Designer style. Read more about this project here.

We recently completed a retail project with an iconic motorcycle brand, which is synonymous with authentic design. Embracing the look and feel of raw materials, we specified a range of wall and floor tiles throughout the showroom that evoke the brand’s gritty character whilst delivering a range of practical benefits.

Ideal for heavy traffic areas, the large format Boom Piombo concrete look tiles were selected for the main showroom floor. The coloured body porcelain tiles were the perfect choice for the standout motorcycle display area.

Chosen due to exceptional wearability and anti-slip properties, the Treverkway Quercia wood effect floor tiles were then installed throughout the clothing area, bringing an on-trend raw appeal to the space. Completing the industrial appeal of the garage, our Terramix Nero-brick effect tiles were chosen as an alternative to a costly brick-slip for the interior walls. Click through to see stunning examples of our projects.

Blending the authentic feel of the all-American brand with the raw appeal of concrete, brick, wood and metal effect tiles, our specification team was able to deliver products that met the client’s distinctive brief, resulting in a space that impresses in both design and practicality.

For a more feminine aesthetic, our terrazzo inspired Stracciatella range has recently been used a statement floor in a beautiful clothing boutique project. The Italian technique of the Venetian terrazzo has inspired this range, which is suitable for all type of spaces and styles. A porcelain design that brings a touch of modernity to both walls and floors, this range is bound to delight customers.

For a straightforward, block colour floor, our Colors range remains the reference point for solid colour technical porcelain. 19 colours, 6 sizes in both matt and polished surface finishes, you can discover the full range for inspiration.

If you would like to discuss an upcoming project, please do not hesitate to contact a CTD Architectural Specification Manager.

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