Hospitality Interior Tile Trends

In today’s modern day and age, restaurant and hotel guests have higher expectations than ever before. With more and more focus on customer experience, hospitality businesses are finding themselves incorporating current design trends into their interior spaces to create a concept experience for the guest that is an extension of their day-to-day lifestyle, whilst meeting their high expectations.

The hotel, bar and restaurant industry demands some of the most aesthetically pleasing environments in the commercial sector. With glamorous receptions, foyers, bathrooms, dining rooms, corridors and dance floors, it is of utmost importance that the tiles complement the surrounding interior design and décor. In particular, clients and guests want to see the integration of current trends, with contemporary finishes and modern touches.

With this in mind, we have rounded up three of the most current trends in the hospitality sector, highlighting a range of CTD Architectural Tiles that can be teamed with each of the trends to truly wow guests.

Trend 1: Indoor Meets Outdoor

An interesting trend that has taken over the hospitality sector is the move to bring outdoor influence and experiences into restaurants, hotel lobbies and corridors. Interior spaces are now making use of all-season undercover terraces, indoor plants, rattan furnishings, indoor waterfalls and panoramic views.

Complete a striking interior design scheme with a tile that delivers a coherent ‘in / out’ look. Our newly introduced 20mm-thick Porcelain Pavers tile range is suitable for this exact application and combination. Recreating a number of architectural materials, such as cement and stone, these tiles are perfect for completing an industrial style interior design scheme in your commercial space.

20mm-thick Porcelain Pavers tile range

For a more colourful take, enjoy summer vibes all year long with the timelessly tropical palette of our Amazonia range. Featuring two shapes – square and hexagon – and a range of five colours, these tiles can be easily combined to cover both floors and walls. You’ll find rainforest greens, golden browns and terracottas, all beautifully combined for instant elegance.

Trend 2: Eclectic Style

Long gone are the days where every room in a hotel looks identical. The trend for neutrals in now being counteracted with hotels and restaurants using eclectic elements, contrasting colours and vivid combinations within the rooms and public spaces. In terms of commercial spaces, this is particularly interesting as colour can have such a powerful effect on determining mood and atmosphere.

Tiles come in so many colours, shades, tints and textures that the possibilities are endless, allowing you to be as creative as your imagination allows. Geometric patterns and bright colours are the new hot trend that is overtaking the neutral trend of past years. Colour is the central feature of this trend, using strong shades to create modern impact and give depth and richness to any project. Our Swedeglaze range with its 40 different colours and outstanding technical specification make it functional, flexible and practical. This bright and bold collection is one that is guaranteed to make a statement in any hotel room.

In terms of decorative elements, this trend uses geometrical patterns interpreted in numerous ways: mosaic, encaustic-inspired patterns, linear structures and more. Our Cuban & Havana ranges comes in different shades of white, grey, blue, black and green. The same tiles from this range can be combined in different ways to create startlingly different finishes.

The bold yet pastel colours that appear in this trend also create a sophisticated look in any space. Our new Poitiers range is available in 8 colours and combines a handcrafted look with a shine evocative of traditional majolica tiles.

Trend 3: Multi-Functional Spaces

Hotels and restaurants are becoming more flexible, accommodating various types of functions, from family gatherings to large conferences. It is important that hospitality spaces are able to accommodate all different kinds of bookings, and have a suitable, on-trend interior to suit all.

Using floor tiles to create zoning differentiates between spaces and is a fantastic way to mark out boundaries. Plus, the options are endless when it comes to designing your ‘zoning’ areas – use patterned floor tiles to draw the eye to a key feature in the room, or different shades of tiles to create the illusion of more space.

Hampton Tile for Zoned Areas

Inspired by traditional square concrete floor tiles, whose dominant colours often come in shades of grey and brick, our Hamptons series is a classic, colourful and durable covering for floors which is perfect for creating zoned areas. Discover our collection of superior quality tiles and take advantage of the free sample service.

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