3 Stylish Tile Pairings for an On-trend Specification

We understand the importance of presenting interior designers, architects and developers with enhanced choices when it comes to specifying products for interior schemes – especially as the demand for visually-pleasing spaces grows in the hospitality, leisure and commercial sectors.

At CTD Architectural Tiles we pride ourselves on offering versatile, coordinating, colourful tile options to complement any surface scheme.

Achieve a unique finish by pairing multiple tiles together, from contrasting textures to muted colour palettes - try mixing colours and textures. To inspire your latest design brief, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite and most popular tile combinations below.

Create Mediterranean-inspired Style with Tiles

BOW & Terra collections Floor and Wall Tiles

Create a Mediterranean-inspired ambience with the BOW & Terra collections. With its muted colour palette of soft beige tones and light blues – these pastel-inspired shades perfectly complement one another. Available in a wide variety of formats for endless layout options create on-trend finishes by combining pops of colour with different shapes.

This soft pastel duo complements any interior scheme, an ideal pairing for calm and tranquil environments such as spas and themed restaurants.

Embrace Vivid Surface Hues

Wall Tiles For Wet Rooms

Enhance project specifications by creating visual contrast with colours and patterns for a style statement. Here, Varadero and Poitiers have been matched to produce a bold and experimental surface aesthetic.

Vivid pops of pink and rich red tones have been styled with a neutral grey base to create an everlasting scheme. An elegant combination for retail, restaurant and hospitality environments, these vibrant tile formats will add interest and depth to walls and floors alike.

Create Contrast with Finishes

We’ve already discovered that Varadero and Poitiers pair well together in project specifications due to their complementing hues, however, they also work well to create texture when selected in different finishes. The matte finish of Varadero softens the gloss appeal of Poitiers for a unique surface contrast.

Soothing blue shades and muted greys mix effortlessly to create a stylish yet practical interior scheme when designing shared bathrooms or spaces.

Contrast Finishes for Wall Tiles

Or perhaps for a more playful, fun space – pair candy-inspired pastel shades in cool mint hues and light blush pinks for a completely different look. This colour scheme would be more suited to a pop-up retail space or café-style setting as they work well to enhance the mood.

With so many ways to pair our high-quality tiles, we hope this post has inspired you to mix-and-match styles in your next project specification.