Neli Hairdressing

The current trend for terrazzo inspired porcelain is celebrated in this project where the CTDA Farnese range was used to create an appealing commercial space. The 30x30 format, utilized here, risks being a little old fashioned but is in fact the perfect size for a heavily decorated product like Farnese and captures the true spirit of traditional Venetian terrazzo.

We can also celebrate the functionality of the Farnese range, offering, as it does, a comforting R10/+36PTV slip resistance value. This is an incredibly important consideration in an environment as risk of wet contamination such as a hairdressers. The Farnese range also has a wide range of interesting decorative designs. Decors that enable the designer to impart a strong personality and reinvent traditional graphics with a unique aesthetic into a scheme.

In the images we can see that the crema colour way was married to the 3D effect Cavour décor. The contrast of the cream and blue tones gives both a welcoming and fresh feel to the space, while its 3D design emphasizes the importance of the surfaces in the project and helps zone the salon.

The tile specification is supported by complimentary bespoke furniture which picks out the geometric shapes and striking colours, filling the establishment with originality and therefore becoming decorative as well as functional objects.

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