Wood Effect Tiles in Wet Areas

There is something instinctively paradoxical about specifying wood in wet areas such as bathrooms, wet rooms or outdoor terraces. We are naturally led to think that it’s not safe, that it will get mouldy and that it will rot. However, the phenomenal advances in ceramic technology over recent years have allowed CTDA to present to the specifier incredibly realistic wood inspired designs in porcelain tiles. There are a number of important features and benefits of wood effect porcelain. Firstly, it is a sustainable product, it is durable, it is safe in respect of slip resistance and it provides an easy maintenance solution whilst being available in a huge number of styles to suit the demands of the project.

At CTDA we have a number of wood effect porcelain ranges that offer different colour tones, different plank lengths and widths, different designs based on how the wood has been cut and all with a comforting C class slip rating. This gives both specifier and client maximum confidence that these products can be used on the floors in wet areas.

Ranges: Nolan | Woodmania | Hard&Soft

Different ranges of wood effect porcelain tiles

Nolan is a 298x1200mm plank format in six colours whose key design feature that it reflects cross cut wood ie: showing the rings of the tree. This is very unusual and has really helped Nolan become a preferred choice for statement floors.

Woodmania offers the specifier a slender 200x1200mm plank format in five colour tones. Hallmarked by strong shade variation and veined details, Woodmania is an incredibly natural looking product, a true testament to the advances made in porcelain tile manufacturing.

Aged wood is the inspiration behind our Hard range is a tale to two tiles, one a functional 150x610mm pressed tile in five classic tones. This range works in all kinds of project situations from bar walks to shower cubicles and tiled in a herringbone or stack bond style. The Hard range has an incredible 48 different graphic patterns within each colour of this time weathered inspired wood effect porcelain. The second element within the Hard range is a 450x900x20mm thick porcelain paver, designed for outdoor application. Available in a reduced palette of four colours, this wood effect tile is something a little difference in our Porcelain Pavers offer where stone and concrete designs dominate. This extension allows the specifier to use clad the floors of external spaces with a wood inspired design that is durable and safe.

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