What’s new? Tile trends for 2022

2022 tile trends

Keeping on track of current tile trends is a top priority for the CTD Architectural Tiles team and we always aim to ensure that our product ranges offer the right balance between practical performance and stunning aesthetics. That’s why we have sourced the latest on-trend designs and high-performance solutions from some of the world’s most innovative and established manufacturers for our new collections. Including brand new commercial tile solutions as well as updates to established ranges with an extended selection of colours, sizes and finishes now available, the 2022 tile collection features tiles from leading manufacturers such as Zyx, Harmony, Cevica and Marazzi.

Whether you’re looking for a collection of some of the most stunning commercial floor tiles in the UK, designer wall tiles or stunning exterior tiles, we are confident that we have what you need. So, what are the top tile trends to look out for this year?

The vintage colour palette

    Design and architecture have always taken inspiration from the past and this tile trend is showing no signs of slowing down. From Victoriana inspired colour schemes to traditional textures and tile sizes, we have added a number of new options to our collection which are ideally suited for creating vintage and heritage style schemes.

    New Tender Style Walls and Flooring

    Tender is a new addition to our commercial tile collection, characterised by its playful take on the traditional use of octagon and dot décor. Its attractive finish lends itself perfectly for use as a wall or floor tile for heritage inspired commercial projects. Tender embraces the use of colour, with vibrant turquoise and orange shades and more muted pastels which work well when combined with a classic black and white monochrome design.

    Our popular Bow glazed ceramic tile range has also been extended to include a striking range of traditional Victorian-era inspired accent colours from cobalt blues to emerald greens. This popular range, which was named as the winner of the 2020 Archiproducts Designs Awards, is ideally suited for creating feature designer walls in the hospitality sector, from pubs to bars and restaurants.

    The allure of the artisan

      The attraction of traditional artisanal style crafted building material is another commercial tile trend that we have tapped into with our new 2022 tile collection. Heavily shaded and thickly glazed tiles which are reminiscent of the unique appearance of a handmade tile but have all the benefits of modern production methods are ideally suited to a wide range of projects.

      New Lume Style Comes In 6 Colours/Styles

      We have responded to the popularity of this current tile trend by extending one of our most established ranges, Lume, to offer six new colour options and open up the potential for the use of this stunning artisanal inspired tile even further. As a hardwearing glazed porcelain tile, Lume is suitable for use in both interior and exterior design schemes, making it a truly flexible range and a cost-effective alternative to the use of mosaics.

      Also included in the new collection is Sol, which combines a quality feel and stunning appearance with a vast array of patterns and styles. Evocative of a hand-painted tile and inspired by the natural world, the modern production methods that support this vintage style tile makes it a versatile solution for a variety of design schemes.

      Light it up

        As daylighting continues to play an important part in architectural concepts, so too does the use of artificial light to create striking surface effects. As a current key tile trend, we have responded by adding numerous exciting ranges to our new collection. The contrasting use of gloss and matt finishes is a fantastic way to create feature walls that respond to the different lighting conditions of an interior space and both our Marea and Levels ranges embrace this notion perfectly.

        Lighting your tiles correctly

        The popularity of this tile trend is further illustrated by the fact that one of our new ranges has been created in collaboration with British designer Tom Dixon. Liquid offers exceptional flexibility to create bespoke tessellations that create different effects in different light. The range includes five colours in plain tiles and four embossed patterns, allowing a striking combination of dot and linear décors to be used.

        For even bolder designs, we have Luce, a unique tile range which combines a high-performance anti-bacterial glaze with a striking finish reminiscent of silk. This creates a truly lustrous visual statement which alters as the viewer moves past it.

        Inside out

          Another key tile trend that responded directly to the practical requirements of many schemes, is the use of seamless commercial floor tile designs that work effectively in different areas. One of the biggest challenges in creating fluid tile design schemes is sourcing tiles that can be used both internally and externally. We have identified an effective solution with Stern, a stunning commercial floor tile that is available as an extra-large 1m x 1m size for use both inside and out.

          New Commercial Outdoor Floor Stern

          The prominent trend and desire to achieve these harmonious designs has led us to source even more flexible solutions, and a number of our new tile ranges are suitable for use in both interior and exterior spaces. The stunning yet subtle use of colour in our new Matter range makes it an ideal choice for projects requiring non-slip porcelain office flooring tiles. Another example is Scale, with its striking 3D effect fishscale pattern perfectly suited to creating feature walls.

          With cement style commercial floor tiles proving to be a popular choice, we have also made it easier for architects and designers to take a new look at this timeless style with the addition of Cementum. The stunning hexagonal ‘lily pad’ inspired décor of this commercial floor tile makes it ideal for creating visual patterns that can create a sense of harmony and interest between internal and external areas.

          Brick shapes

            Brick shaped tiles or ‘metro style’ tiles are perfect for both traditional and modern design schemes and as this key tile trend continues to inspire, we have added further creative flexibility to our collection.

            Fado New Brick Shapes CTDA Tiles

            With many designers now embracing the use of longer, thinner rectangular shaped tiles, we have found a classic yet stylish tile solution with Fado. This range offers a choice of six decorated tiles and seven different colour options, all available in a 400mm x 65mm format. The popularity of the brick-shape tiles has also led to us expanding our popular Zelij and Genesis ranges.

            As more manufacturers add brick tiles to their ranges, it’s easier than ever to create bespoke designs that use this traditional tile shape in new ways. Whether you are looking to evoke the monochrome effect of a vintage subway style metro tile design or create a more rustic feel using thickly glazed tile finishes and natural colour tones found within our new Elementi collection, the use of brick style tiles is definitely something to build into your next design.

            The Terrazzo tile trend

              Traditional and decorative ‘chipped’ stone finishes, such a terrazzo and Ceppo Di Gre styles, have enduring popularity and lately, there has been a growing preference for combining natural materials with warmer colour palettes.

              Inclusioni Classico Capturing Several New Elements

              Our new Inclusioni Classico tile range perfectly captures both these elements and includes some striking Mediterranean inspired tones. This range also offers the timeless beauty of a terrazzo effect in a porcelain tile which is not only easy to install but also has real longevity and durability.

              Using terrazzo style tiles alongside simple yet striking cement finishes is also proving popular and our new Masterpiece tile collection embraces this. Master is inspired by concrete, and Piece emulates the traditional Italian speckled look. These tiles can be freely combined together or used separately to create bespoke designs and work well with designers who are looking to create a rich palette of complementary colours and finishes.

              For a closer look at the tiles that we feel will inspire the key commercial trends of 2022 and beyond, why not request a free sample? Take a look at our full collection here and select your chosen tiles.