Using Modern Industrial Style Within Your Commercial Space

Over the last few years, modern industrial interiors have become increasingly popular with designers and it’s not hard to see why. Based on a concept of combining the industrial warehouse with modern elegance, this style creates a contemporary, unique and edgy look for commercial spaces.

Modern industrial design offers an interesting opportunity to combine the raw with the refined, the sleek and modern with the vintage and classic. Large lofty spaces are often used to showcase the architectural fixtures and fittings which, when combined with a simple neutral colour palettes, creates a beautiful interior space.

Industrial spaces tend not to use bold pops of colour – instead, this style relies on using a combination of neutral shades to create a clean look focused on structure and architecture. A wide range of wood and metal surfaces can be found in industrial-style interiors, which is why earth tones are popular colour choices for these spaces. A metallic feel is achieved through the use of colour such as grey to enhance the steely look.

However, while the colour palette tends to be minimalist, there is a lot of room for creating drama through contrasting high-gloss metal finishes with rustic or vintage pieces. Surfaces also provide an opportunity to make a real statement, and they play an important role in modern industrial design. The ceiling often features bare beams and visible pipes that add visual interest, as well as keeping the building’s history alive. Flooring is also a key component of this look, with coarseness, imperfections and patches all adding to the industrial aesthetic.

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Floor and Wall Tiles Inspired by Inspired by the industrial and metropolitan world

Inspired by the industrial and metropolitan world, our Diesel Living tile collection presents a variety of materials, colours and unique finishes. Made up of 10 new ranges, the collection explores various moods with aged fabrics, whilst interpreting an urban style in keeping with the hard rock aesthetic of the brand.

From Cement Mexican to Industrial Glass, our range of industrial style tiles offer a vivacious take on modern metropolitan design featuring a huge range of materials, colours and finishes. With so many options available, consider the Diesel Living range for your next commercial project to create the perfect finishing touch for your modern industrial look.

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