Specifying Tiles for the Healthcare Industry

Providing the healthcare sector with the opportunity to create functional workspaces has always been of paramount importance – but more so than ever during this unprecedented Covid-19 era. The need for effective solutions in both health and social care design has never been greater.

In hospital or social care environments, such as nursing homes or medical facilities, floors and walls are the surfaces likely to be affected by viruses, with a consequent increase in the probability of infection.

With years of product research and innovation behind us, we offer a wide range of tiles to help support efficient, safe and practical healthcare environments.

Staying Alert with ACTIVE

Our ‘ACTIVE’ range from Iris Ceramica provides a safe and effective response to healthcare needs, and is designed to combine aesthetic value with improving the wellbeing of those who work within the spaces where it’s installed.

The tiles are anti-bacterial, anti-pollution, anti-odour and self-cleaning, making them the ideal solution for industries where impeccable standards of cleanliness and wellbeing is a priority.

'ACTIVE’ range Tiles from Iris Ceramica perfect for Healthcare Workspaces

The porcelain tiles can be installed quickly and easily - both as flooring and wall cladding – and will make surfaces hygienically safer, limiting the risks due to contamination. As well as purifying the air for maximum cleanliness, ACTIVE also provide a low-maintenance and highly durable product that will bring added value in terms of safety of people in any building projects for years to come.

Our Active range kills 99.9% of bacteria on the surface of the tile, kills all odour, contains over 40% recycled content and is manufactured by an EPD accredited manufacturer. We have a CPD on this topic available for specifiers to learn more, to do so, visit our CPD Learning page for more information.

DSDC-Accreditation for Dementia Friendly Tiles

The Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC) is an international centre of knowledge and expertise dedicated to improving the lives of people with dementia. We’ve worked with the DSDC to help create ‘dementia-friendly’ environments that will increase independence, quality of life and reduce the likelihood of adverse incidents, such as falls.

Historically, inclusive design tended to be overly institutional and patronising to the user, such as with big button controls and bright yellow signage. Thankfully, today’s designs offer more advanced solutions, such as touch sensors instead of unsightly cords.

Our DSDC-accredited Swedeglaze Ceramic Technical Glazed Wall Matt tiles are available in 40 colours and five sizes, making this range perfect for a vast range of interior designs and styles. Our Swedeglaze Vitrified also offer an anti-slip solution, for complete peace of mind when it comes to specifying for the health and social care industry.

For more information on creating an appealing and, most importantly, safe and functional space within any commercial setting – particularly in these difficult times when fast and efficient solutions must be prioritised – then get in touch with the CTD Architectural Tiles specification team.

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