Create an On-Trend Retail Space with Tiles

Retail is a sector that is constantly evolving, with new stores appearing on the high street every day. Now more than ever, to stay ahead of the competition, business owners are looking to create aesthetic retail spaces that offer a memorable shopping experience, not just a service or transaction.

Tiles play a key part in the interior design scheme of a retail environment, suitable for use on any surface; tiles provide a functional yet stylish option that can withstand heavy footfall whilst requiring very little maintenance.

Read on for some helpful suggestions on the way that tiles can be used in the retail sector to remain interesting and on trend:

Make First Impressions Count

Create an entrance to be excited about. As with many commercial settings, first impressions are important, therefore the entrance needs to be stylish and inviting; it’s the first impression a customer has of the brand and ultimately, what will entice them to walk through the door.

Casablanca Style of Tile

By opting for a statement tile design in the entranceway, you can add interest to a space. For example, a tile like Casablanca with its North African inspired design will create an exotic look and feel. Appropriate for use on the wall or floor, the standout tile, which is available in a choice of ten different designs, can be specified to complement any interior colour palette.

Highlight the Bestsellers

A feature wall is a great way to showcase best-selling products or limited edition pieces. By utilising wall tiles in different designs, you can add depth and create contrast, to make certain aspects of the space pop.

LLoyd Tile Idea's

Lloyd is a chevron shaped range of wall tiles that can be displayed in an array of styles. With six different colour ways, the stunning collection will truly enhance a space. An ideal choice for an elegant and expensive retail space, its flared relief pattern, sets Lloyd apart from other chevron designs.

Create Contrast

When specifying tiles for retail spaces with exposed brickwork or an industrial style wall covering, sometimes less is more. Understated yet impactful tiles, for example a square design in a neutral colour, can tie together the design scheme.

Creating Contrast with your Tiles

We would recommend a tile like Canvas to business owners looking to create a more minimalist interior. With two sizes and nine different colours to choose from, the collection is extremely versatile. Specially designed to avoid following a specific pattern, the subtle character and nature of the tile would work nicely in a busy retail setting with lots of items on display. Inspired by nature, the tiles come in colours to reflect both warm and cool colour palettes, which can help to create a cohesive scheme.

Play Around with Pattern

Pattern can really bring a space to life; it creates texture and intrigue whilst providing a focus that draws the eye in. The London collection comprises a durable, unglazed porcelain mosaic tile that can be used on both walls and floors.

Different Pattern Styles for your Tiles

Contractors can choose from squares, rectangles, penny rounds and hexagons in varying sizes that can be customised to align with brand guidelines or company aesthetic. Suitable for almost every commercial application, due to its anti-slip resistance, the collection is an ideal choice for a retail store with regular public exposure.

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