Porcelain Pavers


CTD Architectural Tiles introduces its new 20mm Porcelain Pavers tile ranges which recreate a number of architectural materials such as cement and stone, all with a thickness of 20mm. Along with the excellent technical qualities of 20mm-thick porcelain, this product features high breaking strength and a natural look - important qualities for all types of outdoor use.

The benefits of this new innovation in porcelain tiles includes;

  • Ease of installation – our 20mm ranges can be installed in a number of different ways depending on the environment and project requirements.
  • Safe – our 20mm ranges all have Anti Slip surfaces with an R11C/+36PTV structured surface for peace of mind in wet areas.
  • Strong – a 20mm product is resistant to breaking and scratching due to its extra thickness. Durability is one of the principal benefits of 20mm porcelain.
  • Low Maintenance – our 20mm porcelain ranges do not require any supplemental
    chemical sealing and have exceptionally low porosity making them stain resistant and easier to clean than other external flooring options such as decking.
  • Fade resistant and colourfast, even in direct sunlight
  • Frost resistant – 20mm porcelain will remain durable during winter frosts and baking hot summer days.
  • Ecologically sound and sustainable.
  • Available in a wide number of design effects – stone, marble, timber and cement looking designs are all available in 20mm.


  • Inside/outside combinations
  • Terraces and patios
  • Parking areas
  • Swimming Pools
  • Parks and Gardens

Outdoor living is becoming more and more in focus and specifiers are investing more of their time on delivering a more coherent “in/out” look to the flooring on their projects. As a result, terraces, patios, balconies and other outdoor spaces are becoming more and more important in their role as connecting areas from inside to outside. Many specifiers want a floor covering for the design of their "extended living room", which matches the interior or ideally consists of the same material. With the new Porcelain Pavers porcelain tile range, CTD Architectural Tiles presents a product that visually and technically meets all requirements for attractive and functional indoor and outdoor flooring.

Porcelain Pavers porcelain tile range

BRITISH STONE is the first series of porcelain stoneware from the CTDA Porcelain Pavers collection, which is offered in a size of 600x600mm in a material thickness of 20mm. Accordingly, there is the same format in a thickness of 10mm for the interior, as well as the formats 600x1200mm and a 300x600mm wall tile coordinate. With this new porcelain stoneware series, which is calibrated, rectified and with a confidence giving R11C/+36PTV surface, it is possible to extend interior spaces such as living room, hallway or kitchen to the outside. Due to its natural colours, this range is a great choice for outdoor use: there it seems less dominant and adapts with its timeless elegance unobtrusively to the surroundings.

Aurelia British Stone outdoor tiles

Inspired by the ancient Roman road from which it takes its name, the AURELIA series is specifically designed for outdoor spaces. This design is based on the classic “sampietrino” in porphyry, on a 600x600mm porcelain stoneware slab with a thickness of 20mm and 10mm for the inside/outside look. Suitable for endless solutions for covering floors in large public spaces, from shopping outlets to coastal promenades, as well as for use in commercial spaces for avenues, terraces, swimming pool edges and courtyards, AURELIA allows you to recreate the same textures of traditional city floors, thanks to the peacock tail design and the extraordinary realistic appearance of the surface.

Emilia range speckled design effects of a quartzite stone

The sister range to AURELIA is EMILIA, which takes its name from the ancient Via Emilia laid more than 2000 years ago in ancient Roma, and is 20mm porcelain pressed into the classic cobble shape enhanced by variety of colors and speckled design effects of a quartzite stone. Befitting a range inspired by a 2000 year old road, the high technical characteristics and frost resistance make it ideal for multiple uses, while the chromatic effects that shine in the sunlight give this stone effect an unmistakable beauty.

Chateau range rustic and expressive tile

CHATEAU, a collection is inspired by natural Pierre de Bourgogne, a stone that has played a long standing feature of French architecture and design. This classic stone, redolent of the flooring in the castles of French nobility has taken the optical characteristics of the traditional Pierre de Bourgogne stones and laid them down on high-tech tiles. The result is a range of rustic and expressive tiles with an extremely robust and easy to maintain surface – Viva la Floor!

Download our Porcelain Pavers 20mm brochure to view more of our 20mm thick porcelain tiles for outdoor environments.

Raised Installation

On terraces, balconies or where under tile access is required it is possible to build a raised level floor that still allows rainwater drainage. This can also be used to create a flat floor over a sloped surface using our recommended Schlüter®-TROBA-LEVEL system.

Schlüter®-TROBA-LEVEL – System solutions for reliable support with loose installation

The stackable and height-adjustable paver supports Schlüter-TROBA-LEVEL enable the quick installation of self supporting pavers on balconies and terraces with lasting precision. The optimised range of components can be variably combined to reliably level virtually any slope and construction site situation. Starting from assembly heights of 3mm!

The benefits include;

  • • Simple and configurable product range
  • • Combinations for optimum flexibility
  • • For all slope situations up to 10%
  • • Pre-assembled and protected against twisting and loosening
  • • Levelling of different paver thicknesses
  • • Customisable for edge and corner formations
  • • Highly stress-resistant and reusable
  • • Optimum drainage

Use the TROBA-LEVEL configuration tool to determine the individual material needs for your project at schluter.co.uk

Discover our collection of 20mm-thick porcelain tiles or if you would like to discuss an upcoming project, please do not hesitate to contact a CTD Architectural Specification Manager.

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