Design Focus Turns to Outdoor Spaces in Hospitality Environments

Within the turbulence of the current market, one niche that has emerged which invites fresh design thinking is the challenge to reimagine safe and effective outdoor spaces in bars, restaurants and hotels. We are seeing projects of this type being turned around quickly and in good numbers as clients look to exploit every bit of their estate to find solutions for maximizing outdoor seating and services during trading restrictions and the colder months to come. For these projects we are seeing some new concepts emerge such as partitioning and our favourite “cocooning,” which provides guests with a more sheltered, intimate space. We are seeing this achieved through the use of huts or igloo type concepts or more pragmatically separating off spaces with decorative screens and using tall planting to soften the experience. The award winning commercial Interior Design Practice Nanu Soda has been particularly active with these projects quickly developing a superb portfolio of outdoor hospitality spaces.

After an early rush towards plastic screens in the first days of lockdown, designers have been able to make more of a statement with partitioning design. We have seen our Diamond and Kit Kat mosaic ranges being specified in this context. Frost proof, easy to clean and lightweight; these mosaics provide an attractive yet durable alternative to panel and printed products.

It is generally accepted that hospitality spaces will have a need to separate and segment off their drinking and dining spaces for some time to come, a realisation which is helping to sustain client investment in these types of schemes. These projects are perfect for specifying our range of porcelain pavers on the floor. These 20mm thick porcelain tiles are designed to offer a seamless inside/outside look. This range is versatile and durable, the many different colours allow the designer to segment the floor into clear pathways and zones whilst the R11C/+40 PTV gives peace of mind in respect of slips. It is also proving popular to install our porcelain pavers on a pedestals like the Schluter Troba system that allows the floor to be installed quickly over sloping substrates. Not only is this a time saving method of installation, it is also very eco-friendly, allowing the tiles and pedestals to be reconfigured if the demands of the space change. Our British Stone and Veined Stone ranges are proving very popular in this regard, being part of our Core Collection and available for next day delivery. These kind of quick turnaround projects are perfect for leading fit out and refurbishment contractor Myriad Contracts who have mobilised into this work, example of which you can see below.

Outdoor Spaces for Hospitality Environments CTDA

Designed by Nanu Soda

Client investment in these spaces is not limited to partitioning and planting, we are also supplying product into schemes where the client is investing in improved technological capabilities for their outdoor areas. We can see this in new digital platforms that will allow guests to place orders via a phone or tablet in any outdoor space on the property, then be located through GPS technology. Supported with improved outdoor wifi to appeal to the working from home and meeting market. This is particularly prevalent in hotel projects where outdoor spaces are being re-purposed to accommodate small business meetings and even conferences. The evidence of this is not just with more powerful outdoor wifi but also more demand for the installation of outdoor sockets.

Hospitality Project with CTDA Tiles

Everywhere you look it is clear that greater utilisation of outdoor space is a major priority for hospitality projects into 2021.

Images courtesy of Nanu Soda, Myriad Contracts Group and Ascot Structures.

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