Creating a Tiled Feature Wall that Makes an Impact

From bold patterns to structured 3D designs, feature walls have always been a popular way to create a striking focal point within commercial and hospitality spaces of all styles. In today’s world of social media and photo sharing, the need to create a striking first impression is more important than ever before. Feature walls provide the desired effect to liven up any commercial or hospitality space, from a lobby entrance hall, to a stylish restaurant, to a hotel guest bedroom.

The desire to create spaces that stand out, delivering on both aesthetic and practical qualities, has driven the demand for tiles that can create unique and eye-catching statement walls. Creating a focal piece has been a timeless technique to each generation of designers when it comes to making an impact – from monochrome geometric patterns to muted tones, the feature wall continues to be favoured by the specification market for a range of different settings.

Tile Feature Wall and Floors CTDA

Ranges: Aspen | Shades of Blinds | Good Vibes

As well as looking good, the feature wall also serves a purpose by drawing the eye to a certain area. Perhaps there is a particular place that you want guests to be drawn towards (such as a reception desk or bar area), so by using tiles, you can cleverly draw people to a particular place by using visual attraction.

With so many textures and colours to choose from, tiles are a great way to add visual interest to an otherwise plain space and can often create a much more impressive impact. Patterned, textured and wood effect tiles all look great as feature walls. Textured tiles add warmth and depth, while contrasting colours can be used to make a striking wall pattern. Meanwhile, wood effect tiles can be used to create a look ranging from rustic and weathered, to modern and elegant.

Genesis Style - offers cutting-edge design for tiles

Range: Genesis

Here at CTD Architectural Tiles, we offer a wide range of tiles to create a feature wall for all different environments. Most recently, we have launched a new collection called Genesis, which offers cutting-edge design with an interesting variety of textures and decorations, inspired by sensory touch and visual sensations. Presented across ten different formats, from tri-dimensional design to nature patterns, the smooth colours of this range are perfect for creating a feature wall in minimalist settings. White and Sand present a more neutral option, whereas Black, Deep Blue and Red offer a truly intense option for statement walls.

Metallic - enamelled stoneware tiles

Range: Metallic

Another one of our most stylish collections for creating a tiled feature wall is the Metallic range. These enamelled stoneware tiles are inspired by crude steels and metals, creating an on-trend look of modernity and urban style. These tiles are guaranteed to bring a strong personality to any space and the collection offers both a smooth and a structured surface for greater versatility in designing a feature wall.

We hope our blog post has helped you to consider the importance of a feature wall and the different ways you can think about achieving this in your commercial space. If you’d like to discuss an upcoming project, please do not hesitate to contact a CTD Architectural Specification Manager.

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