Exterior Anti-Slip Tiles for Swimming Pools

A necessary requirement for the surface finish of an exterior area around a swimming pool is an appropriate level of slip resistance. In a swimming pool environment, whether it is a commercial pool or a residential pool, the specification of the tiles used is paramount. Read more about our Swimming Pool work here.

The main area where an appropriate anti-slip tile is essential is, of course, the pool surround or deck. Here, tiles are designed specifically for areas of barefoot use in high-traffic wet conditions. There are lots of ways that a tile surface can be textured to provide a finish that feels safe when walking around the edge of the pool – this goes for whether the pool is inside or outside.

Offering the perfect balance between design and exceptional performance, CTD Architectural’s range of exterior anti-slip swimming pool surround tiles have all the technical qualities without compromising on style. Our Porcelain Pavers collection offers a range of exterior anti-slip tiles, which recreate architectural materials such as cement and stone - all with a thickness of 20mm.

Along with the excellent technical qualities of thick porcelain, the products feature high breaking strength and a natural look – important qualities for all type of outdoor use. In addition, the tiles in this collection are hygienic, easy to clean and resistant to chemicals. Our surfaces conform to the HSE’s recommended slip resistance standards and are extremely low maintenance thanks to their exceptionally low porosity.

Whatever your choice of anti-slip tile, it must ensure that your commercial, leisure or residential design project is inspired, innovative and, most importantly, safe.

Designed for outdoor applications, our Emilia range is the result of the union between thick porcelain stoneware, the classic shape of the block and the variety of colours and sparkling effects of the quartzite. High technical characteristics make this ideal for use around an outdoor swimming pool, with a slip resistance rating of R11, while the chromatic effects that shine in the sunlight give this stone effect an unmistakable beauty.

Inspired by the ancient Roman road from which it takes it name, our Aurelia series is based on the classic “sampietrino” in porphyry. Suitable for endless solutions for covering floors in large public spaces, and perfect for use around exterior swimming pools, Aurelia recreates the same textures of traditional city floors thanks to the peacock tail design and the extraordinary realistic appearance of the surface.

Our Realstone range is the perfect reproduction of three natural stones – Quartzite, Cardoso and Jerusalem – characterised by their graphic and chromatic variations and the softness of the surface, but with a R10 rating. In combination with other materials, such as wood, Realstone tiles can be used to create a swimming pool environment that embodies the perfect meeting point between traditional and a new interpretation of stone.

When it comes to exterior swimming pool surround tiles, whether for major sports complexes and health clubs or a residential project, we are able to provide products and technical solutions for architects, designers and specifiers to help ensure your swimming pool project runs smoothly, looks impressive and also conforms to the highest technical standards. Discover our full range here.

If you would like to discuss an upcoming project, please do not hesitate to contact a CTD Architectural Specification Manager.

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