NEW Encaustic Pop Tile Collection

Welcome the swinging 60s back into your interior schemes with the new Pop tiles. Whether you're specifying for commercial or residential projects this playful collection will inject vibrant pattern repeats and distinctive colour into any space.


The new Pop Tile Collection takes us to the essence of the 1960’s through a selection of rectified 150x150mm and 300x300mm designs full of colour and unique style, which reflect the vital and bright character of an era full of iconic elements. The range consists of 8 base tiles in a wide variety of colours and a total of 18 decorative designs which complement and fill this collection with a marked retro character.

Pop Tile 1960's Range

In addition to an undeniable decorative value, the series stands out for its rectified finish that minimises the joint widths and achieves a sense of continuity throughout the surface. Its non-slip R10/+36PTV finish is an added value to all its qualities which allows it to be used in all types of commercial and residential projects.

The Pop Tile Collection represents a new generation of encaustic tiles with its own philosophy and potential to attract its own attention. A collection designed for those spaces in which contemporary design icons coexist with the aesthetics of yesteryear.

Pop Tile Range for Floor Tiles

We have some amazing catalogues available for this exciting range which we would love to send you. If you would like to receive one of these, please get in touch.

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