The CTD Architectural Tiles team are working with carefully selected manufacturers to offer products that achieve the highest standards of sustainability. Our ceramic and porcelain products are able to deliver excellent performance, while using significantly fewer resources. Great for your project… Great for the environment!

Sustainability is the key approach for modern buildings in today’s marketplace, we have many ranges of porcelain tiles that contain 40% or more recycled content. This enables them to achieve a BREEAM A+ rating. The majority of our suppliers also have EPD accreditation, another factor providing the specifier with peace of mind when working with CTD Architectural Tiles.

Oxyd tiles for feature walls and floor

A great range that provides a high visual impact whilst also keeping green is Oxyd. This range is available in 6 colours and 5 sizes, it is also distinguished by the new small plank in 61x370 perfect for feature walls and floors. The subtle oxidized effect of Oxyd tiles is impactful, unusual and currently very trendy.

Another eco-friendly substitute with a wide colour range and a classic design is Farnese our Terrazzo inspired series. This range has a wide variety of interesting decorative designs that enable the designer to impart a strong personality and a unique aesthetic into any scheme. It is available in four different colours, Humo, Cemento, Crema and Grafito in matte finish and a number of multicolour décor designs.

  • 1-3. Farnese – Cemento, Humo & Crema
  • 4. Industrial Color Chic - Jet
  • 5-6. Murales – Dark & Ice
  • 7. Industrial Color Chic - Smoke
  • 8-10. Oxyd Polished – Grey, White & Green
  • 11-13. Oxyd Polished – Dam, Light Grey & Brown
  • 14-16. Amazonia – Cotto, Tropic Cotto & Ethnic Cotto

To find out more about the ways CTD Architectural Tiles can help you improve the green credentials of your next project, please give us a call on 0800 021 4835 or email