Easy Ways to Enhance your Commercial Space with Crazy Paving Tiles

Characterised for its unusual placement of broken stone and held together with mortar, crazy paving is having a comeback. Influenced by the resurgence of terrazzo - another uniquely crafted and authentic floor covering - this new-found desire for a Palladiana-style finish, with its warm, hand-finished appeal has grown, with many more specifiers, designers and architects looking at ways to capture this unique trend with a modern twist.

CTD Architectural Tiles has just introduced a brand new stone collection comprised of 5 on-trend paving slabs. These nature-inspired collections include a +40PTV anti-slip finish that is soft to the touch and provide an easy to clean, smooth, aesthetic surface that will suit any application.

Suitable for both walls and floors and available in an array of modern colours, the new crazy paving collections offer the ultimate in design flexibility and can be ordered in Cobble, Faux Modular or popular Palladiana style, in either pre-formed slabs or individual modular pieces.

Add Exterior Elegance with Stone Tiles
Borgogna Stone White for Swimming Pools or Wet Areas

A great way to revitalise an outdoor pool area or alfresco dining space, these stone surfaces will add depth and interest whilst aligning with functional and practical requirements. For example, Borgogna Stone White will add a touch of luxury to any exterior; style alongside rattan accents, plump cushions and pops of greenery for the ultimate in poolside elegance.

Non Slip Outdoor Tiles

However, for something more impactful and earthier opt for Canyon or Slate Indian, these rich terracotta and clay-coloured slabs offer a multi-tonal stone effect with instant wow-factor. These clever tiles exude a rustic, holiday-inspired feel, ideal for hospitality environments or spas.

Indoor Wall Tiles
Create an Alfresco Aesthetic with Tiles
Esla Wall Tiles Grey

Perfect for creating a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors, crazy paving will add cohesion to restaurant spaces alongside creating a stunning surface covering for guests to enjoy. Use as a kitchen splashback or to create a feature wall, this versatile collection can be used for more than just an aesthetic floor covering.

The dark grey slate-look of Esla will work faultlessly in rustic or industrial-inspired restaurant or café schemes. Its inherent texture creates a stunning focal point and pairs well alongside warm wood pieces and white accessories for a striking visual contrast.

With its beige undertones and light tonal surface, Filita is well-placed for exterior eating environments. This versatile colourway will complement a range of interior styles and can, when used in a large quantity, help to make the space appear bigger and brighter. Suitable for outside dining, this neutral porcelain tile exudes a calming ambience.

Filita for Outdoor Eating Environments

Guaranteed to create a statement in any application, these new additions to CTD Architectural Tiles’ expansive portfolio provides a contemporary take on a much-loved trend from the past without compromising on function or style.