Creative Tile Design Within The Leisure Industry

Often when attending the gym, swimming pool or other leisure facilities our focus is on the activity rather than the aesthetics of our environment. Yet, now more than ever, more and more leisure facilities are becoming design-led, creating unique and interesting interior schemes that help to make the experience more memorable.

Businesses are taking their branding one step further and creating public spaces that reflect contemporary design trends – with bold colour choices, intricate patterns and statement pieces that create an impact.

Sleek Surface Tiles For The Leisure Industry
Wetroom Leisure Tiles

One way that gyms and leisure centres are meeting this demand is by experimenting with tiles. Not only are tiles extremely easy to install, they are easy to wipe clean and can cover a large surface area; positioning them as an ideal choice for a communal facility with heavy footfall. Yet, tiles don’t have to be boring, we have an array of colours, styles and textures available for specification to allow designers, specifiers and architects to create a truly personalised space.

Our All Round tile embodies contemporary elegance, and allows designers to achieve a continuous flow from small corners to wide spaces with soft gentle curves. All Round provides the ultimate commercial solution, with six specialist pieces to accommodate for corners and edges the new collection allows for a sleek and seamless surface that exudes style.

All Round will suit a range of interior design schemes due to its versatile neutral colour palette with White, Dark Grey, Black and Mink variations available for commercial application.

Add a Pop of Playful Colour with Tiles
Meraki Hexagonal tiles

For business owners looking to inspire visitors with a pop of colour, Meraki is sure to leave a lasting impression. Available in eight colourful shades including Verde, Rosa and Azul and with the opportunity to create three entirely different configurations – the stunning hexagonal tiles will add a playful touch to any commercial space.

The interior of a space can have a huge impact on the overall experience for guests, many gym and leisure facilities are looking to implement design-led schemes and we think tiles are one of the best ways to achieve this.

To find out more about our diverse range of tiles, please get in touch with a CTD Architectural Specification Manager.

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