Choosing The Right Commercial Office Tile

Choosing the right commercial tile for your office space is important for creating an attractive working environment for employees, and vital for creating a good first impression to your clients and visitors. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing your office tiles. Think about the final look that you want to achieve – is it contemporary, modern, monochrome, or colourful? Try not to leave flooring as an afterthought, as tiles play a hugely important role in completing a scheme.

Also take into consideration factors such as high footfall traffic, durability, maintenance, cost and safety. Thinking about these particular aspects may lead you to decide that you need anti-slip tiles, or perhaps you will choose to prioritise one style over another. Another thing to think about is the way in which office spaces are evolving and developing, especially in recent times. Open plan design has become a huge trend over recent decades, encouraging an environment of collaboration and engagement in the workplace.

Co-working spaces are also becoming increasingly popular, with a focus on community and accessibility; these spaces can be a refreshing change for many employees who feel that the design of the traditional workplace isn’t right for them. These changes to the way we work need to be reflected in the interiors, where we spend the majority of our day. Choosing a large format tile in your office space can create a seamless, flowing environment that is well suited to an open plan design.

Our large format Kursaal tiles feature unique textures, offering an individual aesthetic to any project, as well as excellent anti-slip properties. This range is inspired by weathered basalt and is reminiscent of natural stone. Providing the perfect finishing touch for your office space, the neutral colours of Kursaal will work in any design, style or setting.

Ranges: Stracciatella | Kursaal | Diesel

Slip Resistant Floor and Wall Commercial Office Tiles

For a more contemporary look, that is heavily design-led, our Stracciatella collection offers a terrazzo style tile that is perfect for making a modern statement in the office. A reinterpretation of the famous Italian look, this trend combines the appearance of crushed marble fragments with the excellent properties of a practical, functional tile – perfect for a commercial space.

Our Diesel range also provides a real standout feature for a beautifully stylish office, with the stunning qualities of marble. Available in a range of colour options, this collection will be the centrepiece of your workplace design.

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