Create an On-Trend Look with Encaustic Tiles

How to Create an On-Trend Look in Your Next Commercial Design

Encaustic tiles have been around since the sixteenth century, but have recently experienced a resurgence in popularity as specifiers look to create more personality and character within their designs. The trend for minimalism has moved on, as interiors now embrace bolder looks that really make a statement. Adorning some of the most on-trend hospitality and retail spaces, the geometric designs and intricate patterns of these encaustic tiles are perfect for creating an eye-catching feature in a traditional space, but can also be given a modern twist by mixing modern colours.

The cheerful, repetitive patterns used on encaustic tiles are a clever way to lift the atmosphere of a space, adding colour and interest, along with providing rustic charm, warmth and texture.

Many of today’s tiles take inspiration from the interesting patterns and colours of the ancient encaustic tiles, which date back as early as the Medieval century, but combine them with all the quality and durability of today’s materials and technology.

Therefore, in places such as shops, cafes and restaurants, encaustic tiles can be used two-fold as both focal points of architecture and protection – providing protection against large amounts of foot traffic or within open viewed kitchen spaces, protecting the walls from both heat and spills.


Encaustic Tiles Rustic Look for Tiles

Here at CTD Architectural Tiles, we have recently launched a brand new collection of encaustic tiles called Casablanca, which is perfect for achieving an on-trend rustic look. Inspired by traditional North-African ceramics, this beautiful new collection stands out with its charming handcrafted appearance. Thanks to the unique uneven edges and Mediterranean-style décors, the variety of colour and pattern within the collection provides designers, specifiers and architects with an enviable choice for projects of all types.

Characterised by a slightly aged appearance and warm matte finish, the palette of greens, blues, black and cream adds warmth and originality to commercial interiors, from bathroom and kitchen walls to café and restaurant flooring.

To make the most of encaustic tiles in your design, such as those in our Casablanca collection, pair with a neutral accent tile that will showcase your stand out tile in all its glory. Choose furniture or artwork that picks out a similar colour used in your encaustic tile – such as blue or green - to bring the whole scheme together and create a beautiful, cohesive look.

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