Better with Ceramic - Mar 19

We love tiles here at CTD Architectural Tiles. We are passionate about the products we work with and one reason for this is the many advantages to ceramic tile as a wall and floor cladding option versus other alternative materials. This is one of the reasons that it has featured so prominently in the fabric of the buildings we make for thousands of years. We would just like to focus on four of the great qualities that make one of the most appropriate materials to include in a project.

Natural and Sustainable

Ceramic is made from water, clay and fire - three elements that give rise to a natural and quality material which is free of toxic substances - a strong alternative to materials such as plastic laminates or vinyl. It also has a sustainable and very long-life cycle, without the need for excessive maintenance, which makes it a more advantageous choice than wood or parquet flooring.


In addition to its great hardness and strong resistance to external agents (temperature humidity, chemical elements, breakages etc.) ceramic material is an incombustible material that prevents the spread of fire. So it is ideal therefore for restaurants, hotels and is increasingly common throughout all areas of residential projects. On the other hand, the ceramic material is waterproof preventing the growth of stains on its surface and internal deterioration creating an ideal product for swimming pools, spas and other areas close to water and moisture.


Another of its great advantages is its anti-allergic characteristics. It is a very hygienic material which is easy to clean, this prevents the development of germs and bacteria - a great attribute compared to other materials such as carpet. Its composition also gives it the capacity of electrical insulation, repelling environmental dust and contributing to a clean and harmonious environment.


Finally, but no less importantly we can emphasize the great importance of ceramics as a decorative element, being a very versatile material that can be adapted into infinite shapes, sizes and aesthetics. It is valid for both interiors and exteriors, walls, facades and floors. Even for swimming pools, outdoor flooring, and public spaces.

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