3 Ways to Add Interest with Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are an ideal way to enhance commercial surfaces, from restaurant feature walls to detailed pool and leisure designs – mosaic tiles create depth, add interest and allow designers, architects and specifiers to experiment more freely.

With a variety of designs available at CTD Architectural Tiles, we’ve compiled 3 of our favourite ways to accessorise with mosaic tiles.

Create an Impact with Kit Kat Tiles
Kit Kat Tiles from CTD Architectural Tiles

Perfect for a bar, restaurant or retail store, our Kit Kat mosaic tiles will create a striking visual focal point in any space. Consisting of small rectangles, this new sized tile is set upon a delicate mesh, and is otherwise known as mosaic fingers.

An ideal choice for creating an intricate façade, these glazed porcelain mosaic tiles can be specified in an array of stunning colours including Turquoise, Green and Yellow for a unique and colourful look.

Style alongside block colours in a contrasting shade to allow the Kit Kat tiles to truly pop, and opt to cover a smaller rather than larger surface area in order to create an impactful feature.

Add Unusual Elegance with Diamond Mosaic Tiles
Diamond Mosaic Tile Collection from CTD Architectural Tiles

The unusual Diamond tile will work whttps://www.ctdarchitecturalti... in any premium hotel or spa bathroom due to its artistic and edgy visual appeal. This vitreous mosaic of cathedral glass chips has a polished surface finish and can be specified in a range of beautiful blues.

Available in 8 shades, pair with an aesthetic grout to create a tasteful yet refined look in any commercial space, this veined effect tile will create contrast and also add texture, which will take the focus off the unique pattern and instead place emphasis on the raw and alluring texture.

Experiment Creatively with Shape using the Paris Tile
Paris Mosaic Tiles from CTD Architectural Tiles

Our Paris range is made up of a selection of unusually shaped mosaics in glazed porcelain. Available in either a Gloss or Matt (Natural) surface finish, the versatile collection is characterised by its distinctive shapes, such as Eastern Lantern, Herringbone and Metro.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the Paris tile exudes effortless style with a variety of natural shades available for specification.

Providing an opportunity for creative expression within commercial spaces, mosaic tiles are an ideal way to create texture and depth. With a stunning selection available, CTD Architectural Tiles has a mosaic tile to suit any space.