The Portavadie Spa & Leisure Centre Development

The Portavadie Spa & Leisure Centre Development is situated in the picturesque village of Portavadie which overlooks the idyllic Loch Fyne on the west coast of Scotland. Passionate about building an environment where guests can relax, indulge and fundamentally enjoy time after times. The Portavadie Spa & Leisure Centre Development offers more than just a daytime retreat to its guests. Creating a large contribution to the local economy with its 27 jobs including full-time roles the Spa & Leisure Centre is an energising hub destined for great things.

Since opening it’s carefully thought out architecture, design and interior touches provide a luxurious and welcoming look, helping to attract its large amount of visitors each and every year.

Portavadie General Manager Iain Jurgensen states “It is a wonderful light-filled, modern facility that brings something totally unique to the Highlands on the West Coast of Scotland. From the superb infinity pool and hydro pools to the tranquil treatment and relaxation spaces, we’re offering the ultimate in luxury and reward for our guests”

Indoor swimming pool tiles

The Portavadie spa and leisure centre was designed by Architect Stewart Associates, a pioneering architectural practice who have been working within the industry since 1990. Commonly known for working within Scotland and having the ability to achieve innovative and exciting new developments -this project was like no other.

“We are fortunate to work on projects throughout Scotland and occasionally further afield. To maintain quality and to facilitate the design and management process, all projects are managed by experienced qualified architects” – Stewart Associates

Main Contractor Ashleigh Building appointed Tiling Contractor The Tiling Company Northern to turn Stewart Associates design aspirations into a reality using CTD Architectural Tiles.

infinity pool and hydro pool non slip tiles

The superb infinity pool and hydro pools help provide a tranquil and relaxing experience and have been created using Rosagres Pool System 9 Which consists of a prefabricated Crown formed by waterproof concrete blocks. Each piece works as a channel and support for the ceramic. It is an ideal system for building overflow pools, be it public or private.

CTD Granus, a porcelain tile range which offers a vein cut stone look in 18 sizes, 18 colours in natural, structured, bush hammered; honed and polished finish has been used throughout the Portavadie Development because of its versatility and hard wearing qualities.

Last but by no means least, the CTD Neutro porcelain tile range with its neutral colour palette helps set the tranquil mood whilst being durable and aesthetically pleasing. This range also has excellent technical properties and achieves +36 PTV on the natural finish.

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