Mercado Little Spain - May 19

Mercado Little Spain is the new gastronomic adventure of Chef Jose Andrés and the Adrià Brothers as part of New York City’s stunning Hudson Yards development. The project has used more than 3,200 square meters of tile designed by the Spanish architect Capella Garcia (Juli Capella) and which has used nearly fifty different tiles available from the CTD Architectural Tiles portfolio. You can read more about our restaurant work here.

With a truly rich catalog of tiles this allowed Chef Jose Andrés to outfit each stall with a different kind, suitable for each offering: red in the ham station, green in the fruit station, pastel in the ice cream station, blue sea in fish station. All of them help to create a colourful mosaic of settings and very different spaces, reflecting the richness of Spanish culture. We also have a range of vivid colours, bold patterns and innovative textures in our Designer style that will inspire the next must have interior trend and bring your rooms to life.

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