Dodo Pizza, Leamington Spa - Jan 21

Designed to look more like a Boutique Hotel than a Pizza Shop, Dodo Pizza have just opened their flagship store in Leamington Spa. With a worldwide portfolio of nearly 700 stores, the team at Dodo Pizza have been meticulous in researching the UK market, and have come up with something brand new. Not only do they use the finest ingredients on their Roman Dough, but with exciting menu options such as Lobster and Mango, Smoked Salmon and Avocado or Prosciutto and Rocket, they also lead the way with innovative taste sensations.

In their new flagship store, the design team have chosen our Venice Villa range for the floor, and used our Diesel City Lights collection for statement walls. New to our 2021 portfolio, City Lights is the perfect choice to achieve an industrial finish in your project. This range is characterised by a grid-like design, 750x250x11mm size and eight metallic colours, including four 'nocturnal' hues that are perfect for adding interest to commercial interiors.

There are also accent pillars finished with our London mosaic range. Our London Collection is a range of durable unglazed porcelain mosaic tiles that can be used both on walls and floors, inside and outside. In this collection you will find squares, rectangles, penny rounds and hexagons in varying sizes. View the full collection here.

The finished space creates a very welcoming environment for their “Fast Gourmet” customers. The customer experience is further strengthened by a seamless technology platform which links the store directly to their customer.

The Dodo team have made sure they focus on the details that are important to their customers. If customers are going to wait for 10 minutes for the perfect slice of happiness, Dodo Pizza want to offer them a stunning environment to do it in. We popped in for a lunchtime snack, and found that they’d more than excelled in this aspiration.

CTD Architectural Tiles worked with Stephen Metcalf Ltd to complete this project.

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