Casablanca Private House - Mar 21

A bathroom design inspired by nature to create a calming environment, ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation. The floor tile used throughout is our ‘Torres’ tile from the Casablanca collection. Inspired by traditional North-African ceramics, this collection stands out for its charming handcrafted appearance. The ‘Torres’ tile has also been used a decorative splash back feature in the washbasin area to create a harmonious effect with the rest of the bathroom.

Introducing pattern is an easy and effective way to create an eye-catching room. Thanks to the uneven edges and Mediterranean-style décors, the variety of colour and pattern within the Casablanca collection provides designers, specifiers and architects with an enviable flexibility of choice for projects of all types.

Available in a 125 x 125mm format with a warm matt finish, Casablanca’s plain white tile and 10 different décor tiles can be combined in a multitude of creative ways. Characterised by a slightly aged appearance, the palette of greens, blues, black and cream will add warmth and originality to interiors, from bathroom and kitchen walls to café and restaurant flooring.

View the full range of tiles in our Casablanca collection here.

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